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"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ..... Leonardo Da Vinci
Portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci.
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Photo Art by Judy Mandolf
Photographic Art
by Judy Mandolf

Info for Collectors:  Exhibitors at the Juried OnLine Arts Festival (JOLAF) are selected from amongst America's finest professional artists and craftspeople ~ each exhibitor has met standards of excellence in the original design, creation and presentation of their work.

Nothing that you will see here is mass-produced ~ everything is made by individuals who value the ages-old tradition of superior craftsmanship and artistic expression. The Juried OnLine Arts Festival offers the opportunity for interested clientele to connect directly with artists, for the best possible purchase price.

Bee Fly by Cheri Bredbenner
"Bee Fly" by Cheri Bredbenner
Info for Artists:   If you already have a website and would like to be listed at this popular arts portal, these details will explain how to include your studio at the Juried OnLine Arts Festival.
We would like to explain a little about JOLAF...
Juried Juried exhibitors are selected as a result of having achieved a recognized level of originality of design and excellence in the execution of each work.
OnLine The World Wide Web provides for each viewer the opportunity to directly share in the unique vision of the artist - anytime, anywhere.
Arts In our case, includes both fine arts and fine crafts.
Festival From the Medieval Latin festivalis; "an occasion for celebration".
Ceramics by Mary Dewey
Ceramic Cats
by Mary Dewey

All of our professional artists and craftspeople appreciate your support, and hope you will enjoy your visit to this juried online fine art and craft gallery.

Please bookmark our site, share it with your friends, and come see us often...

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