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Art / Craft Demos @ JOLAF! Fiber Artist Carol Rak

For generations people have been fascinated by watching master artisans create distinctive works of art from seemingly simple materials. One of the most popular traditions at arts & crafts festivals is the "demonstration area", where exhibitors enchant young and old alike through the virtuosity of their hands.

[ Please note that many of JOLAF's original member artists are no longer on the WWW ]

Fiber ... Carol Rak demonstrates the art of weaving.

Folk Art ... Mary Michael Shelley ~ A great step by step photo tutorial showing how Mary creates her brilliant carvings.

Glass ... Visit the Contois Reynolds Glass Studio to see how they make their popular "Dragon Mirror".

Glass ... Suzanne Guttman ~ NOTE: This is a video of the glass blowing process, so is a slow download, but very informative.

Leather ... Molly Shaheen ~ You Tube Video where Molly shows how to make a phone holster.

Painting ... Diana Blake describes her creative process.

Painting ... Melissa Cole shows how a finished piece starts out as a preliminary sketch. Clay artist Tony Longo

Paper ... Kevin Dyer explains how he created his popular "Egyptian" piece.

Sculpture ... Elizabeth Berrien explains the technique of Wire Sculpture.

Sculpture ... Lots of pictures showing how Tony Longo uses clay and glass to make his garden creatures.

Sculpture ... Carol Sakai creates a unique custom wedding cake topper.

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