Original contemporary & traditional mixed media art work, including collage, assemblage & painting

Mixed Media Art at the Juried OnLine Arts Festival

"Creativity is the ability to see relationships where none exist." ~ Thomas Disch

Mixed Media Gallery 1 Mixed Media art by Ione

Anna Bak ... Charmey (Fribourg) Switzerland
>> My field is mainly photography, and mixed media that include photography. But I see it at a continuation of the work I have been doing as a painter. I also explored other media, everything is explained on my site.

Star Exhibitor  Irene Bat-Zvi ... Acton, MA
>> Miniature paintings on beach pebbles inspired by motifs and styles of rock paintings, great ancient civilizations, archaic tribal and rural folk art.

Allen Bjorkman ... Oswego, NY
>> Images of thoughts expressed by an original visual language of fantasy and truth.

Carole Bowns - Buggy Whip Studio ... Sandy Spring, MD
>> Contemporary, whimsical wood and resin functional art featuring quirky animal characters and holographic designs.

Kathy Boyland - Ijamsville, MD
>> Impressions in clay & limited edition prints, incredible details and textures captured directly from botanicals.

Suzan Buckner ... Woodville, AL
>> Original small mixed media, collage and abstract paintings, with a lot of diversity and color!

Ione Citrin ... Los Angeles, CA
>> Contemporary abstract mixed media painting.
Ellen Guyer Mixed Media

Joan Colbert ... Akron, OH
>> Mixed media with an emphasis on printmaking and collage, often inspired by literature. Favorite motifs are blackbirds and bare trees.

Ellen Guyer ... Lexington, KY
>> The work is colorful, whimsical representations of nature mixed with imagination.

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