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~ JOLAF's Application to Exhibit - Page 2 ~

The information on this page will make up the actual content for your listings, so please be accurate & thorough. There are several hyperlinks in this form that will provide further details in a small pop-up window if you feel you need more explanation...

FIRST, please indicate: Are you a professional artist and/or craftsperson?
Yes   ...   Not yet

SECOND, use the pull down menu below to indicate the MEDIUM/CATEGORY that best represents your studio:
  [Click arrow, then scroll to your medium]

NEXT, carefully complete the following fields - do capitalize where appropriate, but please *do not* use ALLCAPS.  Be certain your URL and email address are typed correctly!!

  • Indicate your Firstname & Lastname exactly as you want it on your listing.   Example: Ron Gladkowski
        Note: We do not list by studio, only by artist name (if you are a couple working together, enter both names). You can enter your studio name lower on the page.
  • Artist Name:
  • Please indicate the email address to which we should respond (this is kept absolutely confidential and is not published):
  • Artist Primary E-mail:
  • If you have a secondary email address, please indicate in case your primary is eventually ended:
  • Secondary E-MAIL??:
  • Registered Domain / Dedicated Website:  If you have your own registered domain name then your name will be directly linked to the website address you provide here:
  • Your Website Address (URL):  
  • ETSY:  Some artists have a dedicated domain/website but NOT an Etsy shop ; some artists have BOTH a dedicated domain AND an Etsy shop ; and some artists have ONLY an Etsy shop. Please indicate your status below:
  •   Etsy Shop & Dedicated Domain - Yes, BOTH   ...   NO Etsy Shop   ...   Etsy Shop ONLY
    Etsy Both ETSY & Dedicated Website: If you have both an Etsy shop and a dedicated domain/website, then we can add a small Etsy icon to the end of your JOLAF listing, and can link that icon directly to your Etsy shop. If you DO want that, please indicate your "Etsy Shop Full Address" in the field below (if you do NOT want that, leave the field blank).

    Here is an example of a listing with the... Etsy logo

    ONLY ETSY: If you only have an Etsy shop but no dedicated domain/website, then we will link you to your Etsy shop using the address below.

    Your Etsy Shop FULL Address: (leave blank if not applicable)
  • Next to your name we place your physical location ~ either Town / State (USA & Canada) or Town / Country (all others).   Examples: Baltimore, MD  or  Dublin, Ireland
  • USA:  Town & State:
    If NOT USA: Town & Country:
  • If your studio name differs from your own name, please enter it here.   Example: Phoenix Glass
  • Studio Name??:

  • VERY IMPORTANT! How would you describe your work so visitors will be enticed to click on your hyperlinked name? We automatically include your name & location in your listing, so please DO NOT repeat your name in this 20 word description ~ you will be much more successful in attracting visitors if you detail the kind of work that you have for sale and/or your technique.

    If you are not sure what to write, we have a sample description for your reference.

  • Concise description of your artwork [about 20 words]:
  • Do you have a secure shopping cart on your site for safe online ordering?   Yes   Not yet
    [Note: having a shopping cart is NOT a requirement for participation!]
  • Approximately how long has your site been active on the WWW?
        Less than 1 year      1 to 2 years      2 to 4 years      More than 4 years
  • If your site is selected for inclusion, are you likely to make your payment by:
        charge?   or by   check?
    (Note that we securely accept Visa, MC, AE, Disc, or PayPal; plus personal or business check; or MO)
  • Is it your wish to have your listings included throughout JOLAF: ASAP   or   Eventually
  • Do you have a page on your site where you "demonstrate" how you make your work? If so, you might be eligible for an extra free listing in the JOLAF demo section:  Yes   or   No
    If yes, what is the exact web address of your demo page?  
  • FINAL STEP, please tell us how you learned about the Juried OnLine Arts Festival. This will help us improve our services for both customers and exhibitors.  Check whichever box or boxes are appropriate:
    Link on another exhibitor's website
    Email message from JOLAF
    Email message from friend

    Search Engine listing

    Link at ElectronicCottage Gallery
    Message at online forum
    Press story

    If you found us via a Search Engine listing, please indicate:
    Which search engine?  Do you recall your search query?
    • Please make sure you filled out every section; also, double check your spelling, email address, and website URL ~ if it is wrong we cannot find you!
    • If your studio is accepted into JOLAF, then it will be listed after payment is received.
    • Please note that your credit card statement will reflect a charge to our business name "Contois & Reynolds Studio" ~ it will NOT say JOLAF.com!
      If this form does not submit properly, please wait a few seconds and try again. If it still does not submit, please
          [Firmly press SEND button one time only until it darkens & "blinks"]

    • You can submit this form at any time day or night. You should hear back from us within about 4 days, but if not, you can to confirm that the submission was received on our end. Email is a great tool, but there are occasionally glitches in cyberspace.

    • We'll visit your site, and if everything checks out, we will send you an acceptance email with a printable invoice for the membership.

    • Then, once payment is received, your site is promptly included throughout JOLAF's various sections, plus you will be listed at the Electronic Cottage Gallery (if you are not already at that online art/craft venue).

    • Your email address remains absolutely confidential ~ we never provide this information to any other individual or group.

    • Please DO NOT SEND EMAIL ATTACHMENTS showing us your work! We never open unrequested graphic attachments, so it will automatically be filtered to the trash.


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    If you have any problems submitting our form, or have any questions, please contact Steve Reynolds at:   

    · The Juried OnLine Arts Festival is open to all USA & international artists that meet the published criteria.
    · Our office is located in Spokane, WA.
    · If you need to speak with us: 509-466-7746  Monday - Friday  10am to 7pm PST (1pm to 10pm EST)

    To avoid any confusion and subsequent problems with work that is borderline or appears to be questionable, JOLAF must retain final approval on all inquiries. Because all exhibitors want the Juried OnLine Arts Festival to consistently remain an aesthetically impressive website, the quality of images is a major factor in the decision making.