• Some search queries will work better if you place quotation marks around the words. For example, if you are looking for "oil paintings", then use the quotes because the words go together as a phrase. Otherwise, the results will show any reference to oil [such as oil lanterns] and any reference to paintings [such as watercolor paintings].

  • Use a broader term. For example, you may be looking for "white porcelain wine goblet", but may have more luck with "ceramic wine glass".

  • Some search terms may need to be divided. For example, "earcuffs" and "ear cuffs". The same might hold true with a term like "wallmirrors" and "wall mirrors".

  • Some search terms might work best when NOT divided. For example, "seahorse" may be more effective than "sea horse".

  • Try both singular and plural versions of your search query. For example, singular "terrarium" and plural "terrariums".