~ Marketing Resources for Artists ~
JOLAF's "Arts Resources" is a listing of educational opportunities, publications, festival contacts, suppliers, etc.
Many of the listings in the categories below were added several years ago ~ please [REPORT] any deadlinks that you see.


~ Additional Art & Craft Information ~

  • "Getting Started on the WWW":  Read this if you are ready to make your work available on the WWW, but are not sure how or where to begin.

  •'s "Arts/Crafts Business":   Comprehensive resource for anyone making a living in the art & craft field. Links to information for suppliers, marketing, forums, etc.

  • "Taking Quality Slides:"  If you are having trouble getting good photos of your work, these tips may help.

  • "Photographing 3D Artwork"  How to take excellent slides of medium sized "table top" 3D art.

  • "How To Survive As An Artist"   Artist opportunities, gallery relationships, professional practices, tips for collectors, and more...

  • "Photographing Paintings"  This article illustrates how to record your images with a digital camera.

  • "How to Photograph Jewelry:"  Clearly presented pictorial which methodically explains every step for making top quality jewelry slides.

  • "Marketing Your Artwork On The WWW:"  Here are 12 "Rules for the Road" that you'll need to consider to be successful in the emerging "New Economy."

  • Promotion On The WWW:  If you think that putting up a website is all it takes, then you are making a huge mistake. Promoting your site is at least as important as site construction. The more you know about e-commerce, the better you'll do selling in cyberspace.

  • Craft Show "Profitability Form":  Print out and fill in the blanks for a show you've done to get the bottom line.

  • Copyright Information ~ Explains the legal protection available to artists & craftspeople regarding copyright infringement.

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