Original contemporary black & white and color Landscapes, Seascapes, Still Life, & Portraits

Photo Art at the Juried OnLine Arts Festival

"Treat your friends as you do your pictures, and place them in their best light." ~ Jennie Jerome Churchill

Photography Gallery 1
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Floral Photography by Gail Beckett

Anna Bak ... Charmey (Fribourg) Switzerland
>> My field is mainly photography, and mixed media that include photography. But I see it at a continuation of the work I have been doing as a painter. I also explored other media, everything is explained on my site.

Steven Bart ... Albany, NY
>> Unique landscape photography, from all over the western United States, and more.

Gail Beckett ... Bournemouth, England
>> Creatively styled limited edition fine art photography. Exclusive, uniquely captured, flower & people-based imagery.

Tony Blue - Mighty Blue Graphic Studio ... Seminole, FL
>> Superb photo-graphic fine art. Limited edition (max 250) giclee prints on canvas, ready to frame.

Gabriel Dinim - Light Mountain ... Gray Creek, BC, Canada
>> Classic B&W large format photography, elegant nudes,inspiring portraits, masterful tableaux, Canadian landscapes, stunning flowers.

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Photo of Viet Nam Veterans' Memorial at night, Washington, DC

Martin Franks ... Cambridge, United Kingdom
>> Colour-rich digitally enhanced images which have been described as 'bold','innovative' and 'alive'.

Joseph Gerges ... Cairo, Egypt
>> Creative fine art photography including still life, conceptual, underwater and Egyptian motifs.

Star Exhibitor  Bill Gray ... Silver Spring, MD
>> Photography creating tranquil imagery from both the natural and the man-made world.

Dave Guarnaccia ... Carlisle, MA
>> Large format black & white fine art photography; primarily still life and landscape.

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