Establishing Online Credibility
One of the first things that small businesses learn when setting up an ecommerce shop is that their WWW customers have no idea who they are. Even if your studio has been open for 25 years and you are well known in your area, it turns out that most of the people visiting your webpages are complete strangers.
So the necessity to establish credibility is clearly a primary building block for online success. In the real world, shops will put stickers by the front door saying "Member Chamber of Commerce" or "Approved by the Better Business Bureau".
On the web, you can help create the impression of solid dependability by associating yourself with other established groups, such as the Juried OnLine Arts Festival.
Displaying our logo (and that for any other gallery that you have joined) will indicate to your site visitors that you are a professional artist whose work has been judged as having reached a level of excellence ~ thus achieving an important first step towards gaining their confidence.