How to Create & Successfully Market
Your Own Original Art & Craft Work!

There are 2 fundamental aspects to being a successful artist or craftsperson: the creative side, and the business side. While some artists may do both well, most people find they can greatly benefit by sharpening one part or the other.

The useful resources we include on this page will help guide you to the tools and the techniques that are necessary as you pursue your creative aspirations, and will save you much time & money that otherwise might be lost without such expert advice.

  • "How To Survive As An Artist"...   Artist opportunities, gallery relationships, professional practices, tips for collectors, and more.

  • Handmade Business
    (formerly known as The Crafts Report)
    Just what it says ~ a business magazine for the arts/crafts professional, regardless of their medium. Published monthly, each issue provides critical business information on increasing your sales. Plus, the latest news about the crafts industry; insight from fellow artists; resources, and much more.

  • Sunshine Artists
    2600 Temple Dr.
    Winter Park FL 32789-1371     1(800) 597-2573
    Show listings, marketing tips, art/craft techniques, and more.

  •'s "Arts/Crafts Business":   Comprehensive resource for anyone making a living in the art & craft field. Links to information for suppliers, marketing, forums, etc.

  • "Photographing Paintings"  This article illustrates how to record your images with a digital camera.

  • "How to Photograph Jewelry:"  Clearly presented pictorial which methodically explains every step for making top quality jewelry slides.

  • Copyright Information ~ Explains the legal protection available to artists & craftspeople regarding copyright infringement.

  • Art Galleries & Craft Shops in Spokane Washington ~ A comprehensive listing of shops & galleries in Spokane that feature original art and handmade craftwork by artisans of the Inland Northwest.

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