The Juried OnLine Arts Festival

To best maintain a consistent gallery level look for the many art/craft collectors who visit the Juried OnLine Arts Festival, we have established the following standards for everyone's benefit:

  1. Professional artists and craftspeople only.   Please - no hobbyists or part time "crafters".   By "professional" we mean that you earn a portion of your income from your original fine art or handmade fine craft;

  2. All work must be originally designed and created by your studio;

  3. Important! The quality of your work should be recognized as having achieved a degree of excellence - that is, advanced enough that you can consistently get into the better fine art & craft juried shows, exhibitions, galleries, and/or shops;

  4. You need to have your own independent web pages with your own unique WWW address that points directly to your art/craft work;

  5. In keeping with the gallery atmosphere, your website should reflect the quality of your work, with:

    • An attractive layout;
    • Sharp and reasonably quick loading graphics;
    • Your site must be ready to view - we do not list sites "Under Construction";  and
    • No pop-up advertising windows or commercial advertising banners at the top of your pages.

  6. No commercially purchased "buy/sell" art or craft work is being offered anywhere on your site; also no purchased pattern designs, molds, kits, dried flowers, etc;

  7. To be candid, we do not seek submissions from "Country Handicraft" type work. However, this criteria *does not* apply to truly exceptional traditional, folk, outsider, and primitive artists;

  8. And finally, to create a cohesion within the group, we ask that you place the elegant [and small] JOLAF reciprical link logo either at the bottom of your home page or on your links page.