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Premier Showcase of Exhibiting Artists - Gallery 3
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Spotlight Artists
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Frank Egan

Star Exhibitor  Lynn Earnest ... Griffithsville, WV
>> Museum quality artworks, including art anatomical bronze sculpture, intaglio aquatint & color etchings, watercolors, and batiks.

Frank Egan ... Benicia, CA
>> Sculpted and lost wax cast bronze oil lamps inspired by ancient classical Mediterranean styles. Sue Espy

Kent Epler - The Laughing Boy ... Missoula, MT
>> Vintage & commercial fabrics & fibers are used with my original patterns to create individual limited-series sculptures with wire and wood bodies.

Sue Espy ... Antioch, CA
>> Handcrafted wire art jewerly featuring ammolite, dichroic glass, cameos, tiffany stone, paua, designer cabochons & other gemstones. Custom bangles/collars.

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Gina Femrite ... Fort Hood, TX
>> Realistic oil and acrylic paintings in a classical European style, animals, people, scenery, commissions for portraits accepted.

Joseph Ferris - Creative Metal Works ... Boca Raton, FL
>> Unique contemporary metal wall art designs with interesting shapes and compositions. Each piece is hand crafted with quality and care.

Jan Fitch - Art in Wood ... Kingston, Canada
>> Hand carved and intricately detailed wildfowl art from basswood; cast paper sculpture; and driftwood art - sculpted clay onto driftwood. Jan Fitch

Tim and Sue Ford - Stone Tops ... Hayfork, CA
>> Various pieces of fine woodworking with a mosaic of inlaid stone slabs on the surface.

William Fowks ... Joplin, MS
>> Every bag I make is different using original art on canvas or leather. I like to say "it's useful art".

Martin Franks ... Cambridge, United Kingdom
>> Colour-rich digitally enhanced images which have been described as 'bold','innovative' and 'alive'.

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Tiffany Gardiner ... Phoenix, AZ
>> Unique charcoal drawings / photorealistic minimalist style on color paper.

John Gilluly ... Independence, MO
>> Paintings and giclee reproductions using the impressionistic technique of pointillism to create contempoary representational images.

Heather Gleason - MyEclecticMind ... Bloomington, NY
>> Collectible one of a kind dark Halloween art. Paintings, sculptures, wood work and functional art pieces. John Gilluly

Alan Goldin ~ GoldinJewelry ... Montclair, NJ
>> The shape is everything. My work is sculpture-to-wear, and yet wearable every day. Patricia Gould

Patricia Gould - Angel Fire Designs ... Albuquerque, NM
>> Surround yourself and your home with beautiful, unique wearable and decorative fiber arts.

Star Exhibitor  Ken Graning ... Holly, MI
>> Landscape paintings, mixed media collage and stylized digital cartoons.

Star Exhibitor  Bill Gray ... Silver Spring, MD
>> Photography creating tranquil imagery from both the natural and the man-made world.

Suzyn Gunther ... Algonquin, IL
>> Eye catching, unique, artistic fine silver jewelry incorporating gemstones, cabochons and glass. Earthy and sensual one of a kind designs.

Ellen Guyer ... Lexington, KY
>> The work is colorful, whimsical representations of nature mixed with imagination.

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