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Juried OnLine Arts Festival
Presenting Original Fine Art & Handmade Craft on the WWW Since 1996


To best maintain a consistent gallery level look for the art/craft collectors who visit the Juried OnLine Arts Festival, we have established the following standards for everyone's benefit:

  1. Professional fine artists and craftspeople only.   Please ~ no hobbyists or part time "crafters".  By "professional" we mean that you earn a portion of your income from your original art or handmade fine craft; or have advanced academic training; or by sheer talent & hard work have excelled in your medium;

  2. All work must be originally designed and created by your studio;

  3. The quality of your work should be recognized as having achieved a degree of excellence ~ in other words, your work is advanced enough that you are consistently accepted into any of the following venues:  the better galleries; juried art & craft shows and/or exhibitions; shops for collectibles; online fine art oriented websites, etc.

  4. JOLAF is exclusively for art/craft studios, NOT commercial enterprises mass producing products by hired employees.

  5. All the work on your website / online shop must be created by your studio ~ we do not present any commercially purchased "buy/sell" art & craft work or imported items; also no purchased pattern designs, molds, kits, dried flowers, etc. (Click to read why [buy/sell] is not good);

  6. You must have...

    Your own independent web pages, which feature your own original art/craft work, and your own unique registered domain name.   An example would be:   http://www.yourstudioname.com

    ... OR ...

    You have an Etsy shop which entirely features your original art or handmade craft (no imports or buy/sell)

  7. To be candid, we do not seek submissions from "Country Handicraft" type work. However, JOLAF is proud to welcome those truly exceptional traditional, folk, outsider, and primitive artists who wish to join the group;

  8. (Optional)  And finally, if possible we ask that you place the elegant JOLAF return link logo somewhere on your own website:
    JOLAF Logo
    (Note that if you are unable to add new graphics to your site, then a text link will be perfectly fine ~ logo and/or text return links are optional).

    This will associate you with an acclaimed online fine arts gallery, which will further enhance your studio's image, and will help establish the all-important [professional credibility] for the visitors who enter your site.

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